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KRMTek provides top-notch IT recruitment, training, and consulting services for product development and service-based organizations. We attract the best talent and undertake turnkey software development projects. We also offer professional development training to IT professionals. 

At KRMTek, we pride ourselves on our commitment to excellence and our dedication to our client’s success. Founded in 2022, we have quickly established ourselves as a trusted partner for organizations of all sizes and industries. Let us help you take your IT recruitment and software development to the next level.

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What We Offer

IT Recruitment & Staffing Services

Connecting businesses with skilled IT professionals

IT Training Services

Empowering individuals and teams with new skills.

IT consulting Services

Tailored IT consulting solutions for businesses - Managed IT Services and Software Development Services

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Our Clients

Need to recruit top IT professionals?

IT Training Services

Our comprehensive IT training programs help businesses and individuals stay ahead in the constantly evolving tech industry

Cloud Infra Solutions
Cloud solutions (Google, Microsoft & AWS) for enhanced business agility and performance.
SalesForce CRM

Expert SalesForce CRM implementation and customization services.

Business Intelligence

Advanced analytics for deeper business insights and forecasting with tools like Power BI,Oracle BI Etc

Analytics and Visualisation

Streamlined data collection and analysis processes With tools like Excel, Tableau, Splunk etc

Database Structuring

Continuous monitoring and support for database-driven business environments.

Mobile App Development

Expert mobile app development and quality assurance services for Android and IOS Platforms.

Data Science

Enhanced data governance and compliance with data science solutions With tools like Hadoop, OpenCV, Pyspark Etc


Scalable Databricks solutions for modern data challenges.

Full Stack Development
Full stack development for seamless user experience.

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